Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bridal Fairs: Be Prepared

You are engaged! Congratulations! It is time to start planning your wedding. But where should you start?

Bridal Fairs are a great way to visit a lot of vendors at one time, see a variety of dresses and tablescapes, sample cake and other tasty treats, and see a lot of items that you may not have otherwise thought of for your big day. In order to get the most out of a bridal fair, you should be prepared. Below are a few of my suggestions to help you make the most of your experience.

  • ·     Make a checklist of required services and items. If you are newly engaged and don’t know where to start, there are a variety of checklists available online. A wedding planner is always a good idea too!
  • ·     Know your budget. Several vendors will be offering discounts if you purchase of book at the show. You will also want to bring various forms of payment for this reason.
  • ·     Pre-register. This will save you a lot of time at the door.
  • ·     Plan to spend several hours at the fair. You will have a lot to look at and you do not want to miss anything.
  • ·     Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet for a very long time.
  • ·     Bring color swatches. If you have already selected your colors, bring a swatch along with you to help you determine dresses, accessories, linens, etc.
  • ·     Eat a small meal before you attend. There will be a lot for you to sample, but I still recommend having a small meal prior to attending to give you the energy you will need.
  • ·    Bring your partner or a friend. This one is tricky. While I do recommend bringing someone along to bounce your ideas off of and to help you select items, I do suggest you limit your guests as too many opinions is not helpful. I would also encourage you to find a babysitter for your little one as there is a lot of walking, a lot of people and they will get bored.
  • ·     Bring a calendar. You may want to schedule a consultation with some of the vendors, especially as some offer discounts if you make an appointment at the fair.
  • ·     Bring mailing labels. There will be several opportunities to register for prizes. Go ahead and print some labels with your name, address, phone number and email to save you time at the booths.

Following the bridal show, when you’ve had a chance to rest and come down from all the sugary treats you sampled, sort through all the information you gathered and pull out the vendors and ideas that left an impression with you. You should now have a good idea of where to get all of your wedding needs, and maybe some extras. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Hottest Wedding Trends

The Look

There's a strong spirit of individualisn in the air this year, with couples really being keen on infusing their ceremonies and receptions with their own personalities.  The Bride and Groom want it to be magical and dreamy and for the most part they just want their guests to have fun.  The result of individualism means the actual day will reflect the bride and grooms taste and will show their uniqueness.

What are the Wedding Trends We're Seeing?

The trends that I am seeing for weddings this year are garden parties, loosely styled floral centerpieces, vintage lace and cloth, lush garlands get turned into table runners, and the Victorian era. I see lots of shades of white or ivory with a burst of color like poppy red, and emerald greens. The ballroom here at the Hereford House is very romantic and it falls within these upcoming trends.  Our column lights look like you would see the same lights walking down the streets of London, England.  Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club looks forward to hosting your dream wedding!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We will Treat you like Royalty

Catering 101!

Don't call the Hereford House if you want the ordinary, call the Hereford House if you want extraordinary service, mouth watering food, attention to detail, mentoring advice from the beginning to end of your event, and stress-free planning!

Tips for choosing the perfect catering service!

My favorite advice from the start is with the intial contact of the catering manager is it someone who enjoys what they do? Do they sound as excited for planning the event as you are? When you get over the initial introduction then start in with your details.

Most catering companies will give you a low quote and then you find all of the hidden fees. We have nothing to hide here at the Hereford House. I will give you a proposal that includes taxes and gratuity so you, the client, can see excatly what you owe. Also ask the catering company what is included in the actual price of the dinner. 

Here are some questons that you might want to ask.

  • Is water, coffee and tea included in the price of the meal?
  • Does the china come with the price of the food or if not what is the price per dinner plate, salad plate, utensils?
  • Are tabelcloths included, what about napkins?
  • Is there an upcharge for anything?

I hope this information helps you out while deciding on the next caterer to host your event. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here Comes the Bride

The wedding that you and your fiance plan is a huge part of your amazing, lifelong journey as a couple.  Don't let your ceremony be anything but the extraordinary!  Today, I am going to talk about some fun, practical and unique ideas for your wedding to inspire your upcoming day. 

Number #1: Carry a bouquet that will last forever.

Unlike fresh flowers, a fabric bouquet won't wilt, fade, or die.  If an aunt, mother, cousin or grandparents has an eye for arts and crafts you might be in luck asking them to make a fabric bouquet that is customized to your specific color palette and it is something special made by your family member that will play a prescence in your mind forever.  You can even have a special heirloom brooch sewn into the bouquet to remember someone special on your wedding day.

Number #2: Perform a "knot-tying' ceremony.

A knot-tying ceremony is similiar to the unity ceremony but it involves a fisherman's knot. The couple ties the knot together to form a very strong knot, the knot only gets tighter with pressure and cannot come undone which represents the couple's everlasting strength. 

Number #3: Have your guest book available at the ceremony.

If your ceremony takes place near your reception, have your guest book display out and ready for signatures.  The best place for this at the Hereford House would be in the room that leads out to the patio.  More specific the room is called the Hearth Room and you can rent the room, just ask the event specialist.  Having the guest sign in book located in the Hearth Room ensures that guests have a chance to see it and sign it before the reception gets started. 

Happy Wedding Planning-Morgan Bauer



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We all love Budgets!


 Budgets, Budgets, Budgets!

  • Spring is upon us, and you know what that means Wedding Season! Here is some good advice when working with a budget for your wedding

Number 1: When sitting down with your family even before deciding on a venue make a list of of wants, and needs which is different for every bride.  Some great questions that you will want to think about is what is something that you would like to splurge on?  Please do not skimp on the photography that is something that will last forever, images of the bride and groom, family and friends coming together to celebrate this one special day with you!  Above is a picture of Sara and Wes they are getting married here at the Hereford House located inside the beautiful and historic Terradyne Country Club in July.  This photo was from their engagement session shot by the one and only Jennifer Miller, I think that her work is extraordinary and I highly reccommend her to anyone that is getting married and in good need of a GREAT photographer!  Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Contact her for pricing and information.

Number #2: An open catering venue verses an all inclusive venue.  Some brides think it is easier to rent a place and then find everything..for example if you rent out a space and they only offer chairs and tables for you, you will have to find on your own tablecloths, linens, a catering company, decorations, someone to set-up, clean-up, most of the downtown venues here in Wichita also require security and most of the time parking is an issue.  The Hereford House is your one shop stop.  We provide not only the tables and chairs but we provide either white, ivory, or black tablecloths, black linens, 3 tier pillar vases with floating candles, all of the formal set-up, and glassware.  The Hereford House does all of the event set-up and at the end of the night all of the clean-up.  Because the Hereford House is located inside of a members only Country Club you don't have to pay for security.  You also do not need to be a member of Terradyne Country Club to have a wedding or a private event here.  I can go on and on about the food and the service.  We are an upscale steak house with professional servers and we exceed expectations on the food and food quality.  So with it all being under one roof it would be a no-brainer to go with an all inclusive place if I had to make the choice!!

Happy Wedding Planning





Friday, March 13, 2015

Rehearsal Dinners

It's Time to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner!

  • Rarely does this happen but I love when I have booked a wedding, with the bride and her family and the grooms parents come to me and want to book the rehearsal dinner with us too.  Some people would think that setting up the rehearsal dinner at the same place that the wedding is going to be held would be a little redundant, but I can tell you first off that is far from the truth.  The Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club is a massive castle like building; we are extremely fortunate to have more then one banquet facilitiy here.  The number ONE reason why I love my job is becuase not ONE event is the same.  I strive to make each any everyone's event special and unique to match not only their personalities, but what they want to show their guests in this unique experience.
    • Rehearsal Dinners are very special to me.  It is time for the grooms parents to shine.  It is their one event throughout the whole wedding process to plan and execute.  Most common I see plated dinners for our rehearsal dinners here at the Hereford House.  I do see on rare occasion a buffet or if you want a more fun relaxed dinner before the big day I suggest renting out our bar area and setting it up with heavy appetizers. I have also seen a growing trend on outside rehearsal dinners on our beautiful patio that over looks the golf course.  In my eyes, if this crazy Wichita weather coorperates the patio is ideal and dreamy.  Please ask Morgan Bauer the event specialist about pricing of the bar and patio. 
      • If you choose to do a plated dinner you can have up to 3 options.  These options don't have to be pre-selected before the guests arrive for the evening.  When your guests arrive we will have the 3 options (steak, chicken and fish) on a beautiful menu and your guests can choose that evening. I highly reccommend to the parents when creating the event that after the rehearsal at the venue or church, you have 3 appetizers at mimumum for the guests to munch on while gathering for the rehearsal dinner.  You ask WHY?  Because most of these guests have never met each other, you are combining two new family, and friends, you wouldn't want to go straight into a sit down dinner without an icebreaker.   
    • We have three beautiful dinner buffet options all three options come with an interactive beef carving station.  This is a really cool show because my executive chef will be at the buffet carving our beautiful Sterling Silver beef, the guest can choose their temperature and size cut of their dinner.  Our buffets also come with coffee, tea, water, a salad, bread and butter a white meat (chicken or turkey) a starch, chef choice seasonal vegetable and dessert! 
      • If you wanted the more relaxed approach we can set-up a heavy appetizer buffet in our state of the art bar surrounded by beautiful western paintings, three 60 inch tv's and high-top tables!!

Happy Wedding Planning Morgan Bauer


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lasting Impressions


Friday, February 20, 2015

Sizzling Summer Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor ceremonies are my favorite here at the Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club.  There are so many fun things that you can incorporate into an outdoor setting.  Many couples here in Kansas shy away from the outdoors because of the incliment weather but I say why?  Some pointers that can help your guests beat the heat.

Wedding Fan Party Favors

Fun Party Favors

Most of the weddings that I have coordinated here at the Hereford Houes the bride and groom leave a party favor at each place setting for the guests to take as the leave the reception.  It is something special that they will remember the bride and grooms special day.  An idea for outdoor ceremonies in the ead heat of the summer is to have fans with the bride and grooms special day embroided or printed on the fan so they can fan themselves during the ceremony.  Place one on each chair or have them waiting for the guests in the entrance of the patio in a cute basket along with the programs.

Summer Cocktail Drink

Summer Sippin!

You can rent out the front foyer of the club called the Hearth Room.  The Herford House staff will set up an area with refreshments for those who drink some warm weathered beverages that I can't get enough of are our homemade Margaritas and our scrumptious Mojitos.  For those guests that don't drink or younger kids we can have bottled water or some fun punch!

Summer Floral Decor

Go Bright or Go Home

Flowers are in full blooms, millions of different cimbinations that you can arrange.  Have fun mixing big blooms and different hues.  You can't go wrong with pretty shades of yellow and coral.  Who says that you have to use floral arrangements for centrepieces have you seen anyone incorporate their favorite colors with fresh fruits on the table?  Take a look at these!

For all those Late Party Animals!

For those guests who party into the wee hours of the night and have been consuming alcoholic beverages, one more fun way to incorporate the summer heat is to offer a cool sweet treat to cap off the evening.  Why not have the Hereford House set up a Sundae Bar filled with the bride and grooms favorite ice cream flavors and the guests can pick their own toppings?!!

Happy Wedding Planning

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fall Into Love

People often ask me "When is the best time to get married at Terradyne Country Club?"  My answer, and everyone doesn't have to agree with me, is Fall. Why you ask?  It's because this place is absoulutely stunning in Autumn-I just adore it!  Warm layers, rich colors and crisp, but not cool, air.  It is a fantastic time of the year to get married.  If you ask me what months are our most popular for booking weddings? I can say that the last ywo years, August has been the #1 most booked month, followed by October as #2.

Get Inspiration from the Natural Colors outside

Ambers, ruby reds, yellows and burnt orange are some of my favorite colors of the fall season.  Take a look at this beautiful bride Kateri Hopper.  She and Richard got married here last October and she was inspired by the warm colors of the fall season. I just love the floral work by Char Titus of Char's Designs.  Brides, please get inspiration by the natural beauty that surounds us in the plains of Kansas, for example tree limbs, tall grasses, pine cones accompanied by romantic candlelight.  Decor doesn't have to be expensive "Get Creative"!

 102514 1362

Since we live in Kansas you can never predict the weather.  It is a continous battle of heat exhaustion or extreme cold, so I think that late Summer and Fall is ideal for outside ceremonies because our Kansas weather tends to cool off and it's comfortable outside.  We must take full advantage of this weather before we have to dig out our winter coats and bundle up for the snow and holiday season.  The Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club still has some dates open for Fall weddings. Please call Morgan Bauer, the event specialist, at 316-733-7800 to see what dates she has available.pan

 102514 1374


Make the most of the stunning backdrop that this season provides and capture magical moments with love among the nature outside at Terradyne Country Club.  These moments above were captured by the ever so talented Lois Elaine her website is I highly reccommend her!

 102514 1387

Happy Wedding Planning!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Calling All Foodies!

I LOVE FOOD!!!  I mean who doesn’t. When planning a wedding you would think that food would be one of the most important elements.  My preference for a wedding would be a plated dinner over a buffet. There is ABSOULTLEY nothing wrong about choosing a buffet (especially the ones we offer at the Hereford House.) I just prefer being seated and served, and we have a really wonderful team of waitstaff for our events. I thought it would be fun and helpful for those of you currently planning your wedding to talk about food today.

Food should be Fun and Not stuffy!!!

I know some people might think differently and that is okay because we are all allowed to have our own opinions.  Some of my favorite times that I have with my husband are going out to a nice restaurant, playing dress up in my newest dress, and putting on a stunning pair of high heels.  We start off the night with a glass of wine, and then we decide what we are going to have course by course.  Think of this with your first impression of a wedding.

The Appetizer Course or Finger Foods!

I know it’s your wedding and you will want some of your favorite foods there but also think about the guests that are going to attend.  What is fun bright and colorful? What is easy to eat and doesn’t make a mess?

  • A Dip. Dips are always fun and they don’t change with the seasons. Some of Hereford House’s signature dips are the Crabmeat Dip and the Santa Fe Cheesecake (no it is not a dessert). The Crabmeat Dip is this rich creamy crab and herb spread served with assorted crackers. The Santa Fe Cheesecake is a savory blend of almond-crusted goat cheese layered with a sun-dried tomato pesto and served with seasonal fruit and garlic toast.
  • Skewers. Any Skewer is also a great idea and if you have a wedding reception full of children these are fun ways to keep them entertained for a little while.  The Hereford House can do a meat and cheese skewer, a fruit kabob or a caprese skewer.
  • Passed Appetizers. The Sensational trend going around these days is during your cocktail and appetizer reception is having a server go around with passed appetizers.  I love this idea because I think that not only it gets our staff more involved in the process it shows that we like to pay attention to the finer details.

My favorite passed appetizers here at the Hereford House are the Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms. Large mushroom caps stuffed with crab and shrimp cream cheese filling. We also have Chicken Salad on Crustini; Tender chicken breast blended with mayonnaise chopped apple, celery and onion served on toasted points, another one of my favorites, delicious and easy to eat!!

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To our loyal friends and customers, It comes with a heavy heart that we have decided to permanently close the Hereford House at Terradyne. Our Time here has been amazing and we appreciate all our patrons and The Terradyne for welcoming us.

We welcome everyone to our partner restaurant, the Scotch & Sirloin for Wichita's premier dining, catering, and  banquet experience.

**Diners can use any gift cards they still have from the Terradyne Hereford House at the Scotch.

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*we will still be honoring all previous wedding commitments at Terradyne