The Open Bar Question

The most mind-boggling thing that makes most families cringe is when we get to the bar service for the wedding.  Most families think that there are only two scenarios.  Scenario #1: if it is an open bar will my guests get out of control and I end up with a $10,000 bill at the end of the night? Or scenario #2 I don’t want to appear cheap and not offer anything. The Hereford House makes it really simple we have 3 options to choose from.

  • Option #1: We have a limited bar.  With this option the host can choose what they would like to offer their guests who have traveled to see this special day. The most popular option I've seen at weddings I coordinated in the last year are; 'beer and wine only' and a 'cash bar' for mixed drinks.
  • Option #2: I have seen the host set a limit.  Here they can set a certain dollar amount; the onsite manager will periodically be checking in with the lead bartender that night and see where they are at.  If the set amount is almost ready to be maxed out and you are only two hours into the event, more than likely the onsite manager will pull the host over to the side and see if they would like to increase the amount or move into cash bar.
  • Option #3: The host can pre-purchase kegs or wine through the Hereford House.  If we don’t open it or tap the keg then you won’t be charged.  We will just have those available if you choose to open up more for the guests.

Create a Signature Drink

There has been a growing trend at weddings to have a signature drink.  I have seen more weddings this past season do a signature drink with a twist… and then name the drink something cute.  Usually the drink is a mixture of what the bride and groom both like.  What a fun and unique way to serve delicious drinks for adults to enjoy.  I recommend you serving this during the cocktail and appetizer part of your receptions before everyone goes to dinner service.  At one of the several meetings that we have we can sit down with the bartender and get suggestions on some fun mixtures that we can serve and create together. 


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To our loyal friends and customers, It comes with a heavy heart that we have decided to permanently close the Hereford House at Terradyne. Our Time here has been amazing and we appreciate all our patrons and The Terradyne for welcoming us.

We welcome everyone to our partner restaurant, the Scotch & Sirloin for Wichita's premier dining, catering, and  banquet experience.

**Diners can use any gift cards they still have from the Terradyne Hereford House at the Scotch.

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*we will still be honoring all previous wedding commitments at Terradyne