Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Riedel Sommelier Series Wine Tasting

HH Glass Dinner

Join Us for the New Sommelier Series Riedel Glassware Wine Tasting on October 13th. Seating is limited so call today to make reservations (316)733-7800.

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The most popular question about our wine service at the Hereford House is this...Why do we decant our wine? There are three simple answers. We believe in decanting our wines because...

#1.  To remove any sediment from the actual wine.

 Sometimes you will find sediment in older vintages but it can be found in young wines as well, red and white.  There is nothing wrong with a wine if sediment is found.  It will not harm you if it is digested..it is just simply unappealing to the eye.

#2.  Decanting allows the wine to breathe

meaning that oxygen needs to come into contact with the wine so it can be served at its best potential.  Imagine if you were trapped inside a bottle...wouldn't you want to stretch and come up for air??  It's exactly the same concept!

#3.  The Visual Experience

We believe in decanting wine to give you an experience that you probably haven't had at many other restaurants.  Decanting is a great way to break that awkward silence at the table. It grabs everyone's attention and leaves everyone wanting to take a Riedel decanter with them!

So, the next time you are at the Hereford House, take a look at the wine list.  Let us know if you need help choosing the right bottle of wine, we have many personal favorites!  We would love to give you the decanting experience that all wine connoisseurs have come to love at the Hereford House.

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