Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We will Treat you like Royalty

Catering 101!

Don't call the Hereford House if you want the ordinary, call the Hereford House if you want extraordinary service, mouth watering food, attention to detail, mentoring advice from the beginning to end of your event, and stress-free planning!

Tips for choosing the perfect catering service!

My favorite advice from the start is with the intial contact of the catering manager is it someone who enjoys what they do? Do they sound as excited for planning the event as you are? When you get over the initial introduction then start in with your details.

Most catering companies will give you a low quote and then you find all of the hidden fees. We have nothing to hide here at the Hereford House. I will give you a proposal that includes taxes and gratuity so you, the client, can see excatly what you owe. Also ask the catering company what is included in the actual price of the dinner. 

Here are some questons that you might want to ask.

  • Is water, coffee and tea included in the price of the meal?
  • Does the china come with the price of the food or if not what is the price per dinner plate, salad plate, utensils?
  • Are tabelcloths included, what about napkins?
  • Is there an upcharge for anything?

I hope this information helps you out while deciding on the next caterer to host your event. 


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We all love Budgets!


 Budgets, Budgets, Budgets!

  • Spring is upon us, and you know what that means Wedding Season! Here is some good advice when working with a budget for your wedding

Number 1: When sitting down with your family even before deciding on a venue make a list of of wants, and needs which is different for every bride.  Some great questions that you will want to think about is what is something that you would like to splurge on?  Please do not skimp on the photography that is something that will last forever, images of the bride and groom, family and friends coming together to celebrate this one special day with you!  Above is a picture of Sara and Wes they are getting married here at the Hereford House located inside the beautiful and historic Terradyne Country Club in July.  This photo was from their engagement session shot by the one and only Jennifer Miller, I think that her work is extraordinary and I highly reccommend her to anyone that is getting married and in good need of a GREAT photographer!  Her email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Contact her for pricing and information.

Number #2: An open catering venue verses an all inclusive venue.  Some brides think it is easier to rent a place and then find everything..for example if you rent out a space and they only offer chairs and tables for you, you will have to find on your own tablecloths, linens, a catering company, decorations, someone to set-up, clean-up, most of the downtown venues here in Wichita also require security and most of the time parking is an issue.  The Hereford House is your one shop stop.  We provide not only the tables and chairs but we provide either white, ivory, or black tablecloths, black linens, 3 tier pillar vases with floating candles, all of the formal set-up, and glassware.  The Hereford House does all of the event set-up and at the end of the night all of the clean-up.  Because the Hereford House is located inside of a members only Country Club you don't have to pay for security.  You also do not need to be a member of Terradyne Country Club to have a wedding or a private event here.  I can go on and on about the food and the service.  We are an upscale steak house with professional servers and we exceed expectations on the food and food quality.  So with it all being under one roof it would be a no-brainer to go with an all inclusive place if I had to make the choice!!

Happy Wedding Planning





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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lasting Impressions


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Hereford house wedding

Be Flexible

Most Saturdays are already full for the summer months, but venues often have a tougher time booking those Friday and Sunday dates.  Many couples are opting for a late Friday ceremony and celebration or a Sunday afternoon event and reception. (Since they're not prime days, you may even be able to get a break on the room rental or catering minimum.)  Don't worry; those guests who are important to you will still come to your wedding, just as long as you tailor your plans to the day.  Friday couples may want to consider serving hors devours before the ceremony to quell the hunger guests may feel during the ceremony.  Sunday brides and grooms might think about when thier guests attend church and other religious activities, then schedule around that.

Pinterest Fun!

I know most of you girls already have a vision of what you are trying to accomplish whether it be a theme, color scheme, food or decorations. Try and take things step by step, simplify.  Remember wedding plan is a process and does not have to be in one week.  Pinterest boards can get overwhelming especially if you have more than 20 or more boards and believe me, I have seen a bride that had 40 different Pinterest boards.  If you are planning your wedding a year in advance do your research pin ideas that you like but when it come to 3-4 motnhs prior to your wedding try and stay off of Pinterest, it can confuse you if anything new and exciting pops up in the wedding world and you want to redo all of your work that you have done.

Save the date or maybe the month

Let everyone you hope that is going to attend the ceremony and reception know a date is coming.  Be creative in the way you announce it.  Even if you only give them a date-or even a month-of when you plan to do it, they'll now start to clear their schedules to attend and help you in the weeks leading up to it.  Out-of-town guests can even start making travel plans.  

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To our loyal friends and customers, It comes with a heavy heart that we have decided to permanently close the Hereford House at Terradyne. Our Time here has been amazing and we appreciate all our patrons and The Terradyne for welcoming us.

We welcome everyone to our partner restaurant, the Scotch & Sirloin for Wichita's premier dining, catering, and  banquet experience.

**Diners can use any gift cards they still have from the Terradyne Hereford House at the Scotch.

Go to the Scotch and Sirloin Website

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*we will still be honoring all previous wedding commitments at Terradyne